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Frequently Asked Questions

To help save you time and hassle if you have any questions, check down below to see if it's already answered. If it's not, please feel free to contact us!

  • Why do I need more than one application?
    We must make contact with weeds in order to control them. Different weeds germinate at different times of the year. That is why we use herbicides ongoing throughout the year.
  • How can the square footage on my lawn differ between lawn services?
    We measure every lawn, did our competition or was it priced on the phone? Lawn service is very competitive with many selling on a commission basis. By short measuring lawns, they can give you a cheaper price hoping to make the sell. The reality is that your lawn will not receive the proper amount of weed control, insecticide, lime or fertilizer. By LAW, the amount applied must equal the square footage of your lawn. Thus, you will be cheated on every application. We will be happy to explain how we calculated your square footage.
  • What can be done to 100% eliminate my crabgrass all the time?
    Nothing! We can apply a pre-emergent to help control crabgrass. The best control is a healthy lawn.
  • How much should I water my lawn?
    Generally, 1 inch per week will do. However, summer months may require more water due to evaporation. This amount can be determined by using a rain gauge or a bowl in your yard.
  • Is there anything that will control wild violets?
    Yes! We use a herbicide that will help control violets when used on a regular basis. One or two applications and stopping will be wasting your money.
  • What can I do to keep moles out of my yard?
    Moles feed on Grub worms, earthworms and many other insects in the soil. Eliminating the grub worms are not the only answer. Moles are effectively removed by trapping them.
  • Why is overseeding important?
    Grass has a life span. Over time a lawn will thin out due to older grass plants dying off. Damage from insects and disease can also take a toll, as well as the heat and dry weather of summer. Overseeding can fill in thinning areas and make the lawn look thicker. Adding new grass seed will improve color - newer grass plants are greener in color. Many newer varieties of cool season grasses are bred to be much more disease and insect resistant.
  • Why should we keep our lawn maintained properly?
    Quality lawn care service to keep your property looking gorgeous all year. Proper turf care & regular mowing are integral parts of maintaining a lush green lawn. Top notch customer care, punctuality and attention to detail are all part of our weekly professional mowing service.

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